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Around the House on Wednesday

A new post I’d like to share each Wednesday, just some simple glimpses into our day at home and how we’re trying to keep things cozy. 

I looked out our big living room window this morning and saw snow flurries hurrying down. What? We’ve got a warm weekend forecast so I think I’ve had my sights set on that. I figured if it was going to be snowing, we’d try to have a pretty cozy, low key morning. The flurries stopped after just a few minutes, so I’m not complaining.

Last night I set some flour to soak so I could make bread today. I’ve been trying to find a good, soaked whole wheat bread recipe to use and am pretty happy with this one. Something about a cold day is perfect for bread making, don’t you think? It also was done just in time to eat with our vegetable soup for lunch. Some members of our little family liked it more than others, but I always love a good vegetable soup, especially thrown together with whatever’s on hand.

My coffee was reheated repeatedly, but that’s to be expected. I try to stick to one cup a day while pregnant, so drink a lot of hot tea and hot chocolate to supplement. Apple cinnamon tea has been my favorite lately, and also keeps  the sweet treat cravings at bay. Also, this picture reminds me to tell you about my recent favorite way to stretch my clothes this pregnancy. I don’t have a lot of winter maternity clothes, but I’ve been wearing this long maternity shirt (with multiple coffee stains on the belly) under all my sweaters, and it does the trick.

Chloe played in the sink for a while and Dustin emptied a couple kitchen drawers. They pulled Chloe’s stroller through the house tied to a blanket, and pretty much all the toys got dumped onto the living room floor. Every moment wasn’t peaceful and calm, but overall, looking back on the morning, it was peaceful and calm and I’m learning to appreciate that perspective that looks back rather than feeling like the morning is ruined when I’m in the middle of a harsh moment.

I’ve been longing to go outside all morning and clip or trim something green or growing to bring inside, but we’re still waiting on the first hints of spring. I’m thinking some grocery store flowers may be in order, or maybe a trip to the Home Depot nursery to bring home a little life. I’m feeling pretty proud that I haven’t killed my four houseplants this winter, but they look as thirsty for the sun as I feel.

And now it’s that time of day again to tidy up the house before Alex gets home, figure out what I’m making for dinner (usually I’m a little more ahead of the game!), and seeing how much time I can buy by telling the kids to watch out the window for Daddy to get home.


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