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Wednesday at Home

A new post I share each Wednesday, just some simple glimpses into our day at home and how we’re trying to keep things simple and cozy. 

Today starts early and with coffee (the best kind of start). The cooler days seem to be running out, so we’re trying to make the most of them in our little house before we start spending the majority of the day outside.

My grand gesture for Valentine’s Day yesterday was to make cinnamon rolls that we enjoyed once the kids were safely tucked into bed. The kids get to get in on some of the leftovers this morning. Our normal breakfasts are cereal or toast or oatmeal, so this is a pretty special treat for them. The kids are often asking for something to eat from the minute they wake up, but I usually tell them they have to wait until I finish my first cup of coffee, so they play in the living room while I sip on the couch.


As our early morning moves into mid morning, we clean up the kitchen, fold and put away a load of laundry, and have lots of free play time. Dustin has been asking me what ‘Merica (How he says it. I don’t correct him 😉 ) is, and every answer I give him just seems to raise more questions. So today we pull down our falling apart, thrift store globe and pile onto the bed to check it out. We talk about continents and countries and Who made all things, and I realize it’s been a long time since I studied geography.

As I’ve been waiting for things to turn green outside, I’ve been trying to keep a few green sprigs alive inside. Alex brought me flowers last week, so I’ve been spreading them around the house. Usually I just keep a big bouquet in a vase on the kitchen table, but I realized this time how delightful it would be to be able to glimpse pieces of it around the house. And I can use it to brighten some dark corners of the kitchen that don’t get enough sun to keep a potted plant alive.


Last summer I planted some zinnias in my garden and they grew so well, being able to cut them and bring them into the house almost daily was one of the best parts of the summer. It’s already mid-February! I guess I need to start on some garden planning. I’m thinking more herbs and flowers this year.

Now naps are over and the sun is out, so we head outside to run and run until Daddy gets home. What does your Wednesday look like? Would love to hear how you are keeping things simple and cozy this week!

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