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Beginning Plans for a Square Foot Garden

Garden Planning Chart

Garden Planning Chart

Planting Seed Starters

Planting Seed Starters

Planting Seed Starters

I had planned to take time this morning to get some seeds planted to start indoors since we’ve been having such warm days. Of course the day ended up being on the cooler side, and we even saw a bit of rain, but I wasn’t willing to let it deter us.

This is our second year doing a Square Foot Garden, and we’re excited about it. We learned some things last year through experimentation, so I’m excited to apply some of that this year and hopefully have a little better harvest. I’m looking forward to Dustin being more engaged this year since he’s older, and hopefully being able to help in more ways.

Most mornings Dustin likes to sit in the glider in our living room with me while I rub his back and we visit for a few minutes. The other day while we were rocking I was asking him what vegetables he wanted to plant in our garden this year, and he quickly suggested blueberries and chocolate. I have to say, I’m pretty on board with those ideas.

Back to this morning, we carted all our supplied outside and set up on the big picnic table. First Dustin got to choose several vegetables from the variety of seeds we have. He chose tomatoes, red peppers, and string beans. We also added some squash, lettuce, and spinach to our plans. I drew up a sweet, imperfect garden planning sheet this morning (on the clipboard above) and we plotted out our first rotation of vegetables on that (would love to share this simple planning sheet with you here – this is not fancy or perfected, but it is simple and sweet and served our purposes to do some quick planing!).

Next we added some soil to an empty egg carton with the top cut off. Both kids got a chance to dump some dirt in, and then we took turns dropping in the different seeds. I made quick little labels to stick in out of card stock, and we were good to go. We’ve got our little seeds set up on a windowsill inside, and hopefully before too long we’ll get to see the first sprouts popping up. I get pretty excited when I see the first green poking through the dirt; it thrills me to see the progress and know that we were able to nurture that growth out of the seed.

Children's Books About Seeds and Spring

This afternoon naps were short (or nonexistent) so we needing something to fill some extra time. I pulled any books off the shelf I could find that talked about spring or seeds, and we set up on the couch to read. If nothing else from our time reading, Dustin now knows that seeds need dirt, sun, and water to grow so I’m pretty sure he’s well on his way to garden success. We read a couple of books by Eric Carle (Planting a Rainbow and The Tiny Seed) and also one I had bought at a thrift store a couple weeks back, Spring Fall and In Between by Solveig Paulson Russell. I hadn’t looked at it very closely until now, but we read it a couple times today and I love the illustrations and also the poetry about God’s care through each season. It was even an encouragement to my heart to read.

Children's Book about the Seasons

Children's Book about Spring

I mentioned on Instagram that I had had kind of idealistic expectations about our morning spent starting these seeds. It sounded like such a fun and meaningful activity to do with the kids, but in reality I felt a little tense the whole time, it was cold, and they acted like, well, kids (as they should!). Going into our lunchtime I was feeling kind of frustrated about the morning, but then realized that we had had a good morning, learned some things, and did something meaningful together. Just because it didn’t fit my idealistic expectation, didn’t mean that I had to discount the experience as valuable and good. Rarely will a time with kids go perfectly, and that’s okay. I was so glad to enter into the rest of the day thankful for our morning, knowing it was still worth it to invest the time and memories in doing something like this with the kids, even if it wasn’t exactly like the expectations I had built up in my mind.

Have you started any spring planting yet? I’m most excited about planting some herbs before too long, what are in your plans?

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