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Brother + Sister


A lot of my time is spent returning stolen baby dolls or trains or rebuilding towers that were knocked down without permission. There’s also a lot of my time that I get to delight in this friendship forming between these two. It’s one of the things I love the most about being a mom.

Usually having a snack involved helps keep the peace. But oftentimes I’ll find them busy at playing in their room together. Well, at least next to each other. I usually tip toe to check on them and then quietly sneak away before they see me and I break the magic of their little world of playing together.


Chloe loves to fetch things for her brother, and if he uses kind words with her, she’ll readily give up any toy to give him a turn. When he takes the time to invite her into a game of ring around the rosie, her eyes shine like she’s been handed the best gift.

Dustin loves to let me know that, “Chloe’s cute!” and if he can get her to laugh, it makes his day. He gets a little intense in his hugs and such sometimes, but if he knows he’s actually hurt her, he’ll generally repeat his apology several times over the next hour. He likes to help her move her rocking horse onto the carpet when it’s too heavy for her, and is learning to practice a little patience when she messes up his meticulous line of cars.

We’re looking forward to seeing how adding a third one to the mix will affect their relationship. Dustin already tries to share his cars with his baby brother in Mommy’s tummy and likes to sing him songs. Chloe loves real life babies, so we’re pretty sure she’ll be delighted to have one around all the time.

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