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DIY Wooden Curtain Rod

DIY wooden dowel curtain rod

DIY wooden dowel curtain rod

We have a big window in our living room and every morning when I get up I open the curtains just a couple feet so as I sit on the couch I can watch as it gets light outside and as the neighborhood comes to life.

This window is one of my favorite parts of the house. It let’s a huge amount of light into the living room and I associate it closely with the changing seasons as I have watched the trees go through their rhythm of summer, spring, winter, fall two times now through that window.

We recently painted the living room white and I knew I wanted to get a new curtain rod for this window. The window frame is so wide, almost eight feet and so the cheap curtain rod we had was kind of MacGyvered in place in order to be long enough. I had seen the idea of using a long wooden dowel a while ago and thought it was such a perfect combination of simple and pretty. I figured it would be a pretty manageable and quick DIY if all I needed was a rod and a way to attach it to the wall!

DIY wooden dowel curtain rod

First we searched for the rod. I thought I wanted it to be about 1″ or 1 1/4″ in diameter. We ended up going with this  1 3/8″ poplar rod from Lowe’s because it was the only one we could find in stock in our area, but I’m actually pretty happy with it being that thick.

Next we needed brackets. I thought I had remembered someone posting on their Instagram that they had found simple white brackets at Ikea, but I couldn’t find any that I liked on their website (though I didn’t actually go to the store and look). I looked at several stores and just couldn’t find simple, white curtain rod brackets that would fit the diameter of our rod. (I didn’t even think to look on Amazon, though! I just looked now and, though I’ve not tried these ones, I think this, this, or this would be great options, depending on the diameter of your rod.)

My husband is a genius, though, and he told me we could use conduit hangers (whoever knows what that is… apparently him, because he’s an electrician. He says they call them “mini’s”). You can find them on Amazon here, though we got ours at Home Depot here and they were a lot cheaper (also make sure to get the right size for your rod!). We also had to get a couple 2 1/2″ hex head screws that would be strong enough to hold the rod and some weight to the wall. The only downside I can see to using these conduit hangers is if you want your rod to come out from the wall more than half an inch, these won’t work for you.

We spray painted the conduit hangers white so they’d blend with the wall more, found the stud in the wall, and screwed the hangers in. Then we put the curtains on the rod, popped the rod into the hangers, and bolted it into place. So easy!

DIY wooden dowel curtain rod

My white curtains right now are just an old sheet cut in half and hemmed, with slots cut in the back at the top to allow the curtain rod to slide through, plus a couple panels of a sheer curtains to fill the whole width of the wide window. I plan to swap all of that out for just two wider white panels that will cover the whole window when closed, and also reach the floor (mine are too short!).

DIY wooden dowel curtain rod

All in all a pretty quick and easy project, and I love the results. I’d love to do similar rods with the rest of the windows in the house; just another way to keep things simple.

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1 thought on “DIY Wooden Curtain Rod”

  • using sheets as window coverings is a fantastic solution and yours turned out just beautiful.. i’ve done this for years – finding thrifted pretty flat sheets to use as window coverings (or even tablecloths and clothing!). i love how you’re making your home lovely, simple, meaningful for the littles and your beloved. ♥ blessings…

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