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Friday’s Five Favorites

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A few of my favorites I share with you each Friday to help you simplify, take a breath, or find some beauty in your day. (Or sometimes just ’cause it’s something I love!)

I cleaned most of the house yesterday, so I knew I wanted to take the kids out this morning so that the house would stay semi-clean for the weekend. I needed to get a few groceries so we made an outing of it to Sprouts, which is a little farther than the grocery stores I normally go to but it was a good day for a farther drive. I told the kids we’d get chocolate muffins when we were done shopping if they did a good job listening. (I know, I know, not supposed to use food as a reward for good behavior).

Anyway, we got our muffins and it was actually warm enough to sit outside for a bit to eat them. After that we checked out a thrift store I’d never been to on our way home, which was fun  and I got a couple things for Chloe (trying to create a basic wardrobe of neutrals for her – more on that later!) and several kids books. I’ll share more about what I got and for how much if that kind of thing is interesting to anybody. I love reading about what people get at thrift stores and how much they paid, but maybe that’s just me. Lemme know!

Moving on, let’s get on with the Friday Favorites. Today I’m sharing my favorite quote, product, album, podcast, and blog post for the week.


Dustin has been trying to figure out how to use Google Now, and often grabs our phones saying something like, “Gooble, send me a picture of a big garbage truck.” The other day I had a question about something and he told me I should ask Gooble. He’s three, so I have high hopes for his tech savvy future self. The next time you’re stuck, just ask Gooble.



The kids have been coughing a bit with runny noses this week, so I’ve been diffusing Plant Therapy’s KidSafe Germ Destroyer Blend a lot. I love the subtle smell and, though I’m sure it would have been more effective to be using it before they started getting sick, it has seemed to help and thankfully nothing has developed beyond a cough and runny nose! I usually make them a lot of tea with honey, lemon, and apple cider vinegar when they’re sick, but I’m out of honey and lemon at the moment so I’ve got to get on that. Besides that we do lots and lots of water and I let them sleep as much as possible  (I know, such a sacrifice).


I may be late on the party and everyone already knows this, but I’ve had Ellie Holcomb’s new album Red Sea Road playing on repeat all week long. I’ve listened to her other albums a lot in the past, and usually gravitate toward them when I’m feeling like I need an extra dose of truth out loud in my house during the day. My favorite songs on it right now are Fighting Words and Find You Here.

Ellie Holcomb find you near lyrics

Blog Post:

This post isn’t from this week but I just heard about it when she mentioned it in her Instastories. The Lazy Genius shared a post on 10 Ways to Beast Your Monday and I love it. Tips 1, 2, and 8 that she shares are my favorites but I’ll let you head on over there to check them out.


As I’ve said before, we’re just on the very first steps of our homeschooling journey and I’m only three years into motherhood, but if you’re a mamma and especially if you home school, run over to listen to the At Home Podcast. And if you’ve never listened, I’m kind of jealous that you get to go back and listen to the archives instead of waiting for a new episode to come out every Wednesday :D. At Home is a podcast done by four homeschooling moms, and they talk about faith, homeschooling, and motherhood. The one word that I think of when I think of this podcast is intentional. These ladies have really helped me think about being intentional in my motherhood, offer so much wisdom and grace, and make me laugh in every episode. Go check it out! Their episode from January 4th, Seasons of Parenting, was especially encouraging to me.


If you have any favorites from this week comment with ’em. I love hearing what’s encouraging or working for all of you, and it’s lots more fun if we all share with each other, right?

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Five Favorites”

  • Hi Sara,
    Thanks so much for leaving a note! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, I remember that episode of the At Home podcast. I think it’d be a good one for me to go back to and listen to again. I don’t know a whole lot about essential oils either, but i’m slowly learning! I have heard some of the songs on that album by Rain for Roots. I love it! I just recently discovered it and was so glad when I did. Thanks again for stopping by, what a joy! : ).

  • Oh I loved this post! We have similar tastes I think! I enjoy listening to the At Home podcast too (thought my kids aren’t school-aged yet, it’s still encouraging!). I love the Considering Comparison episode. And we have a diffuser but I just don’t know much about essential oils. They smell nice though! Have you heard of The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This by Rain for Roots? If you like Ellie Holcomb, I think you would love this cd of kids music. She sings on song of the songs. You have a lovely blog! 🙂

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