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Hello and A Breath of Fresh Air

We’re all in that phase when we’re starting to feel a little too ready for spring (or maybe just me?). That means as soon as it hits anywhere close to 50 degrees outside, we try to head out. I always build it up as this big process to get the kids outside (and honestly sometimes it is, coats and all), but once we’re there I wonder why I waited so long to go out.

Tomorrow is supposed to get up to 60, so I have high hopes to spend a good portion of the day outside. The weather goes down from there, so if you have any great inside activities for toddlers to burn energy, send them my way!

Anyways, back to today. There was lots of running around, rediscovering all the toys that have been barely played with all winter. I’m trying to help my three year old take more notice of the things we see outside. Making leaf soup was a favorite of mine when I was little and it delights me when he does, too.

We watched a bird in the tree and listened to its pecking on the tree. We opened little pods that had fallen from the tree and emptied them all out. We scooped leaves and dug dirt.

And tonight, everyone went to bed so easily. That may be the biggest benefit of getting us all outside!

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