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Living Room Walls: A Saga

We moved into our house a year and a half ago. I was in the second half of my pregnancy with our second child, and very excited to have a home to makeover. I did a lot of packing and unpacking and wallpaper stripping and painting with that big baby bump.

This was our first home where we were actually able to make big changes. I had been living with off white walls and then kinda creamy, kinda tan walls since we got married. It could have been a lot worse. I know, I know. But having the option to paint the walls whatever I wanted felt significant and I figured I needed to use color because well, I could.

(Still need to put something up on that far wall!)

I chose a light gray for our living room (though not as light as I had hoped) with white trim. I think if I could have any furniture I wanted (not in the plans for right now, and that’s of course okay!), I’d like the gray. But with our dark couch (and I’ll be honest, I’d probably stick with a dark gray couch even when we replace it someday, because kids and spills), it seems to be too much dark. It also often seems to have a bluish tint, which isn’t my favorite. Who knew it would be so hard to pick a gray? Not me. Not me.

I’ve been loving white walls lately. It seems to be very trendy right now (what do I know, though? I spend 90% of my time at home!), which makes me not want to admit to liking it. But I do! Being home so much, I long for the house to be bright and simple and fresh all day, not just for those few hours of afternoon sun shining in.

I’ve been hoarding pictures of living rooms with white walls for inspiration (you can see lots on my Living Room Pinterest Board here). Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve been saving.

not your grandma’s gallery wall // sarah sherman samuel

how to build an artful gallery wall from family moments // sarah sherman samuel

Geometric Patterns Perk Up a Mid-Century Home in Oregon // Design Sponge


Home Tour: A Modern Bohemian Family Abode // My Domaine

“The house is by the beach, so we took the surroundings into account and came up with a neutral palette of blues, grays, and whites,” the designer tells us. The aesthetic is East Coast...

Be Courageous Dear Heart

“Bri Heiligenthal

Our Family Room // Little Baby Garvin

As you can see, I’m really loving a lot of neutrals playing off the white walls. I love to use wood to warm up the room, but gray and blue add in a little variety. And of course plants! On a scale of one to ten, I have a skill level of about three for keeping plants alive, but it’s my favorite decorating secret. Plants match with anything, provide a different shape to break up all the squares and circles in the room, and give the room some life and color.

We’re holding off on painting for now until we can get some other projects done. That doesn’t stop me from rearranging the living room on a monthly basis (my decorating outlet when I can’t paint or buy new curtains), and dreaming up some ideas for when we do paint.

Here are a few things on my wishlist, inspired by these rooms and other on my Pinterest board!

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Are you into the white wall trend, or do you think it’s overrated?

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