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Small Moments of Motherhood

Motherhood and Clean Laundry

Motherhood and Cleaning up Toys

Motherhood and Folding Laundry

Motherhood, Coffee, Clean Laundry


Motherhood these days has looked like…

Building Legos and  drawing excavators.

Leaving clean laundry in the drier until we absolutely need those clean underwear.

Changing diapers, cleaning up accidents, and remembering to pack a change of clothes for everyone.

Being climbed on, walked on, hugged on, slobberred on.

Genuinely laughing at a three year old’s jokes.

Getting kisses that are half slobber and half open mouth and loving it.

Eating cold food after getting up for the 10th time to get something from the kitchen, but forgetting that that’s not how everyone eats.

Answering questions with answers that lead to more why’s and how’s.

Early morning toddler snuggles.

Reading Toad and Frog, singing Nothing but the Blood.

Always having a package of wipes within arm’s reach.

Never having a clean floor.

Not really caring whether the floor is clean or not.

Choosing to extend love and patience that goes beyond feelings of the moment.

Training that means repetition, repetition, repetition, and trusting in the fruit in years to come even when it’s not in view today.

Cradling a growing belly, enjoying being the only one to hold this little life for the time being.

Linking arms with other mamas, choosing encouragement over comparison.

Teaching things like how to use scissors, what letter is “D”, and how to put on a shirt by yourself.

Knowing that these little lessons matter in the long run, and this is valuable work.

Being run down and spent and weary; thankful for, “Come to Me, all who are weary…”

Sitting down and matching a million toddler socks, an actual event in the day.

Prioritizing cleared and cleaned off kitchen counters.

Just of a few glimpses of my days in this season that I want to remember. The work of mothering can feel easily lost in one task after another, meeting one need after another, small moments and parts that make up a whole day. In the midst of it, it often doesn’t feel like much and we start to wonder if remembering a clean change of clothes and building legos and wiping noses is good, holy work. I’m convinced that it is and that it matters and sometimes listing out all the small things helps to see the big picture of all God has called me to, of all he is accomplishing within the walls of our house, how he weaves his grace into these moments.

What is motherhood looking like for you today, friend?


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